Vicar’s Message

John Mathew Dearly Beloved,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.My family and I deem it a privilege to be serving in the Edayaranmula Laka St Thom Mar Thoma Parish. The rich traditions that have been handed down to the current generation of members of the parish from their forefathers will surely stand out in this modern day of consumerism.
This website is to keep the members of this parish and those with roots here, abreast of the developments that take place here, at home. This website is part of an initiative to reach out to all in the Laka St Thom family; with the bigger goal of winning and keeping all rooted in the Rock of Ages, our Lord. This humble beginning is hoped to evoke responses from all in the family; with suggestions and criticisms being welcome. I trust this endeavour will bring glory to our Lord and help to build his Church here on Earth.

Yours in His Service,

Rev. John Mathew

Vicar and President of the Parish

Message from Diocesan Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Zacharias Mar Theophilus Suffragan Metropolitan

Rev. George Mathew Karikkom’s Message

Zacharias-thirumeni Greetings to you all in the precious name our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.On behalf of Laka St.Thom Mar Thoma Church, Edayaranmula I welcome you to the Church Website and hopeful that this site will be a tool to you to understand the different ministries of the Parish. This year the parish is celebrating its 125th Jubilee Year. With prayer and planning the Church have launched various programmes to empower the members concern. Among them the dedication of 150 youngsters held on 21st April 2013 for Evangelist work which was a memorable event. Different social action programmes under took this year which shows the social concern of the Parish like Home for homeless, widow pension, palliative care programme, Education Loan, Educational aid distributions. We invite to have a look into this website and stay connected with the ongoing Church related activities. We extend our gratitude to Mr K.K. Varghese, Kumplappallil and Jijo .C. Cherian, Managing Director, Novo Software Solutions, Cochin for their valuable support in launching this Website. Also grateful to the Website Script Committee members, staff and all the office bearers of the Parish. This is a Jubilee gift to all the members of the Parish in India and abroad. Please remember this Church and all its activities in your prayers.Thanking you,Rev. George Mathew KarikkomVicar (2010-2013)

Biblical Reflection

Rev. Santhosh Varghese, Asst.Vicar

Be vigilant in the shores of life

‘His sister was standing in a distance to know, whether anything will happen to him…..’( Exodus:2:4) She was standing by the bank of the river Nile, in order to look after her baby brother who is lying down inside the papirous basket. She is called as Miriam . Even though the meaning of her name is bitter, pain and sad, she had made her life more sweetest by some of the unique habits in her life. Moses was very beautiful. The family members want to save his life. So they dexterously made a papirous basket and kept the baby in it. The writer of the book of exodus, want to give importance to her than the child’s parents. Miriam was not just waiting. Instead of that Miriam was waiting there for the goodness of her younger brother. Her mental state was not as the state of Jonah, the prophet.( Jonah:4:5). “ Oh! My god, please save my brother….” That might be her prayer. We should also take a stand knowing our own position in the land of our life. We can see some good qualities in Miriam, who stands at the bank of the river Nile. If we transfer these qualities of Miriam to our life of faith, then we can make our own life more sweetest one.

Warmth of Love:

Deep love for her younger brother instigated her to keep on waiting at the bank of the river. He was very young, and also he was not able to smile at her. Even though  she was ready to wait there, for him without any expectations. We are living in the society where the warmth of love decreases. We ourselves had made a lot of boundary for love. If we love without any sort of conditions, then only we can become good and true Christians. Jesus loves us without any conditions. His love is an unconditional love. He doesn’t break the link of chain of love till His death. Without decreasing His deep love, He had completed His last supper, even though  He know that, the person who is going to betray Him is with him. Even at the time of His death, He poured His love for us. Oh! Lord, you had suffered a lot, thank you Lord for loving us without any conditions. In the shore of our life, Lord help us to stand by with the lamp of love.

Vigorously waiting:

We don’t know about the duration of time of her waiting at the bank of the river Nile. Anyway it one thing is very clear,i.e; she was standing there vigorously  Laziness does not surrendered her. She was standing very vigilantly and vigorously  that’s why she was able to interfere on time, when the queen had ordered her maiden to take the baby in the ark of the proper intervene of Miriam, Moses the leader of Israelite got a good fortune to feed his own mothers breast in the encampment of enemies. Miriam knows that, her own life is in danger. Even then she was vigilantly waiting to see what would happen to her brother, who is in the ark. How great it was. Through our interference in this shore of life, how many life’s get mould ? Could we able to wipe out the tears of so many ? Can cover the nakedness of our fellow beings ? Even then, why didn’t we get up to help others ? Why we are in the state of being unattached ? Why we were in a dispassionate state ? The happiness of Kingdom of God is for those who are awaiting vigorously vigilantly. The parable of ten virgins is pointing to this truth. If we are vigorous in our society as well as in our family, then we will become the protectors of various values and loftiness.

A song for God in her tongue.

Various qualities of Miriam made her life more sweetest. One of the qualities that makes the life of Miriam more sweetest was, she has kept a song in her tongue for God. She was aware about the protection of God. So, in-order to praise God, who has saved them from the enemies, she took a musical instrument in her hand, and also she had a song in her tongue. She leads them to praise and worship God. Israelites were in the midst of the enemies and the Dead sea, and they had no hope. But the hands of God saved them from enemies. This knowledge inspired Miriam to give leadership to praise God. We have recovered so many trials and troubles in our life. But in the midst of every trials and tribulations, there was God’s hand to help us. Do we have any song in our tongue to give to our God? Let us think. We should be good model in our family, society and so on. As how Miriam gave leadership to praise God, who had save them from their enemies, we should also remember the grace of God, which He has showered upon us. It is not possible for us to explain about the love and concern of God. How beautiful our life is! Let us also a wait, in this shore of life with love and vigour.

Reji George
General Convenior-Jubilee Committee

Greeting to all in the precious name of our Almighty God,

We are celebrating our 125th Jubilee Year of the Church. It is great pleasure to launch a website for our Church during the Jubilee year and it will be a great opportunity to brothers and sisters residing different part of the world to know the day today activities of our Parish.

With warm regards,

Your sincerely,

Reji George,
General Convenior-Jubilee Committee

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